A Full service for Quality

The association goes for achieving Quality significance and purchaser dedication through Good Manufacturing practices and gains ground toward perpetual change. All its gathering workplaces are ISO:9001 ensured and are WHO GMP pleasing.

We has developed totally pre-arranged quality control cells at all the gathering workplaces watched out for by experienced and qualified staff. Every one of these QA/QC squares are outfitted with Wet Labs, Instrumentation Labs, and Microbiology Labs to pass on widely appealing, in-interaction, and last thing examination.

The instrumentation fuses : Malvern atom measure analyzer, PLCs, GCs, GC with Headspace, IR and UV Spectrophotometers, FTIR, TOC Analyzer, LBPC, Polarimeter, Mili-Q-Water System, On-line Air-borne Particle Counter, Clean Room Validation Equipment, etc.

We has the necessary limits and establishment to ensure full activity of the quality limit from Raw material assessment to in process examination and examination of positive things.