Safety, Health & Environment

We believes in sensible headway. 'Support the nature in which we exist' is our witticism and the clarification for our persistent vigil to ensure that we don't leave any adverse consequence on the earth in view of our activities.

This is refined through Raising Awareness and Empower delegates through getting ready. Furnishing with advancement and Ensure resources openness drawing out awesome. This mission of our can be best encapsulated in happily being the essential Indian pharma association to get Indo-US GCNC award for getting green science sharpens.

We didn't get satisfied by essentially contributing critical proportion of money to give top tier pollution control stuff to restrict the impact of its activities on the earth yet when faced with a trial of looking at choice for incineration of Methyl Mercaptan gas, looked it through the precious stone of Green Chemistry and developed a very reasonable advancement of changing over the gas into a supportive compound which is reused again into the system. The molecule viability being 100, were quick to get Green Chemistry Practices at an industry scale Marching ahead with more unmistakable conviction, we are presenting Zero Liquid Discharge plants at every one of its workplaces. Condition protection is consolidated from thing headway put together itself with condition defilement potential being one of the coordinating boundaries in developing the course of mix and moreover picking the rough materials.